The legendary Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 on the Hudson River in New York City, October 16, 2008, as she departs for the final time.

15 May, 2011

QE2 Ringtone for iPhones

I've finally ditched the old flip phone, which I could not customize the ringtones. With my new iPhone 4 in hand, I now wanted to customize the ringtone to something reminding me of QE2.  At first, it looked like it could be somewhat complicated, after doing a quick search of "how to's" with Google.  Thankfully, though, I have found there is no need to download any fancy apps or software to do this.  If you have iTunes loaded on your home computer, this is super easy. This procedure is for the iPhone, which use iTunes for music files.

First, download this mp3 file, which was offered originally on the day of QE2's final departure from Southampton:

Note:  you do not have to use this file if you have another MP3 file of QE2's Tyfon horns to choose from.  I certainly do, but this clip is perfect; perfect sound, with no wind and crystal clear sounding.

Second, follow these easy instructions for converting the MP3 file to an M4A file and then renaming to a M4R file that the iPhone recognizes as a ringtone.

Third, with M4R created and in you iTunes account, connect iPhone to computer and sync phone.  Go to your ringtone settings and the QE2 file should be there to chose from and reset.  Voila!  Done!

Getting phone calls now puts a big grin on my face.  I just discovered another cool thing the other day with the iPhone.  Listening to the iPod feature, I got a call, and the QE2 ringtone played over the song on my headphones.  At first, I was completely caught off guard when I heard it, but then realized I had an incoming!


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