The legendary Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 on the Hudson River in New York City, October 16, 2008, as she departs for the final time.

26 January, 2010

The Queens Meet Again

Queen Elizabeth 2 currently sits idle in Port Rashid, Dubia, all polished up by the current owners Nakheel.  She's all dressed up with, sadly, nowhere to go. Her nine MAN diesel engines, which have provided ship's power and power for her two massive electric motors to turn her props since the conversion from steam to diesel-electric power in 1987, are continually run in rotation, maintaining their operational condition.   Air conditioning, which has been a concern with her continued stay in Dubai, is running well, having been maintained and modified with supplementary equipment to handle the constant intense heat of Dubai.

Unfortunately, the plans to send the ship to Capetown, news which were so eagerly cheered by QE2 fans when announced this past summer, to act as a floating hotel for the World Cup have been shelved indefinitely due to concerns of Capetown.  Nakheel, the development arm of Dubaiworld is also experiencing financial difficulties after a previous spending spree in which the QE2 was aquired and the subsequent worldwide economic resession.  Nakheel, nevertheless, has not neglected their investment, investing money on the past summer's drydock, exterior repainting, air conditioning upgrades, and other maintenance necessary on a 41 year old ship.  This should offer some solace for all her fans, who are justified in their concern of her fate.  A hired crew, unfortunately without Cunard employee experience, is currently onboard to oversee the ship while plans are revised for her fate.

Today, Queen Mary 2, the replacement for Cunard's Flagship Queen Elizabeth 2 has met up with her in Port Rashid while on her 2010 World Cruise.  Unfortunately, QM2 has been docked at a considerable distance from QE2 along the pier negating a closeup view from the QM2 bridge cam.  Nevertheless, it must be a welcome sight for crew and passengers alike with deep affection for QE2.  Hopefully, at QM2's departure, the captain will sneak QM2 up close to QE2 and will begin an exchange of Tyfon horn salutes again, similar to the 2009 meeting of the two Queens.  QE2's signature voice will be heard once again.

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